Make Some Adult Hot Chocolate You Won’t Want to Share With Your Kids

Make Some Adults Only Hot Chocolate by CoffeeForLess

Hot chocolate can be a great family time treat, especially when it’s cold outside. But sometimes you want to add a little element of danger to this time-honored tradition, turning kid’s cocoa into something special, like adult hot chocolate. This looks like a job for… coffee and booze!

Of course, there’s more than one way to spike your adult hot chocolate. Step aside, junior. It’s time for grown-up cocoa to take the stage.

Candy Cane Cocoa

This one’s perfect for any holiday season, because you probably already have the signature ingredients laying around. You’ll need whipped cream, peppermint schnapps, milk, and of course, hot cocoa. First, make the cocoa as you normally would. Next, discretely add one ounce of peppermint schnapps from a flask hidden in your back pocket, instantly turning your cocoa into adult hot chocolate. Whistle nonchalantly as you pour. It’s better that way. Finally, top it off with whipped cream and stir with a candy cane. Ho ho ho!

Cocoa Express Recipe for Adult Hot Chocolate

This one will definitely get your engine running in the morning. Add a shot of your favorite home-brewed espresso to some top-shelf hot cocoa for adult hot chocolate that comes with some extra zing. Add a dab of Sriracha style hot sauce, and you’ll be ready to take on the world.

Chocolate Orange

Don’t you just love those chocolate oranges? You know: the kind that you smack against the countertop, peel back the foil, and eat the little embossed slices? This adult hot chocolate drink tastes just like those, but has the added benefit of preventing you from operating heavy machinery. Seriously. Don’t.

Here’s how it works: kick it off with your favorite hot cocoa mix, prepared as usual. Add ½ ounce of vanilla vodka, and an equal amount of orange liqueur. Put a little mountain of whipped cream on top, and sprinkle your adult hot chocolate with cinnamon.

Vino Cocoa

This exquisite beverage combines two of life’s greatest pleasures: chocolate and red wine. And yes, it seems a little strange at first, but you’ll soon be a connoisseur. Start with your favorite red wine, but maybe not your favorite expensive red wine. We don’t want to the wine gods to strike us down: hints of chocolate, strong smoky finish.

We’re going all in with this one. Let’s start with honest-to-goodness chunks of dark chocolate. Figure out how many servings you’re going to make, and measure out 1/3 cup of chocolate and 1 ½ cup of milk for each. Bring chocolate and milk to a medium simmer, stirring steadily so it doesn’t get chunky or burnt. Once it’s nice and creamy, pour in 1 cup of red wine per reveler, and continue to heat everything is hot again. Enjoy this amazing version of adult hot chocolate, but take it easy. This stuff will put you into a mild chocolate coma if you overdo it!

Iced Chocolate is a Warm Weather Treat

Iced chocolate Perhaps you are yearning for a cool day to dive into that winter-time treat you love so much, or perhaps you are just a chocoholic with a daily yearning for a cocoa-rich treat. Whatever the case, iced chocolate is a perfect treat for a hot day. Surely, you have heard of iced tea and iced coffee. Iced chocolate works off the same premise. Take a hot beverage that you love and serve it over ice to make it warm weather appropriate. This works great with hot chocolate, and with a Keurig coffee maker, making iced chocolate is a breeze!

Iced Chocolate from Hot Chocolate K-Cups

Iced Chocolate Drink from Hot ChocolateAny number of instant hot cocoa mixes or K-Cup hot chocolates are great for this, and CoffeeForLess carries a variety of hot cocoa and hot chocolate options. However, if you are looking for an ice-cold chocolate treat on demand, nothing beats K-Cup hot chocolate.

Hot Chocolate K-Cups are a great choice because the hot cocoa that they produce is rich and delicious without being too heavy to be enjoyable on a hot day. Simply prepare the hot chocolate K-Cup the same way you normally would, but put ice in the cup that you plan to brew the hot chocolate into. For a real treat, try adding a flavored syrup to your iced chocolate. Mint syrup is particularly delicious.

If this is not enough iced chocolate to assuage your chocolate cravings, try the hot chocolate pops that we have suggested previously. They are almost as easy to make as iced chocolate drinks and are sure to please any children you might have around. So, as you can see, enjoying your hot chocolate K-Cups or instant hot chocolate is not something to forget about just because Summer is around the corner. Hot chocolate can become an ingredient in a variety of summertime treats!

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Time for Hot Chocolate K-Cups

As anyone who reads the K-Cup Blog here at CoffeeForLess knows, I love coffee, and I loveswiss-miss-hot-cocoa-k-cups-24ct
K-Cups. So naturally, I think coffee when I think K-Cups.  This time of year, though, brings with it a delicious treat that I look forward to every year: Hot Cocoa K-Cups! Hot chocolate K-Cups are great. They let me enjoy hot chocolate any time I want it without having to spill cocoa all over the counter ripping open an instant hot cocoa packet.

With hot chocolate K-Cups, I can simply pop a K-Cup in the Keurig brewer and enjoy a steaming hot cup of hot cocoa on demand!

Hot Chocolate K-Cups Options: Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate

Really there are two hot cocoa K-Cups that I buy. They are both excellent but for very different reasons. While there may be other options, if hot chocolate in a K-Cup is what you want, I recommend these.

Traditional hot cocoa enthusiasts will enjoy Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa K-Cups. This is your standard cocoa and milk delicious hot cocoa from your childhood school snow days. It is rich and milk chocolate delicious.

cafe-escapes-dark-chocolate-hot-cocoa-k-cups-24ctThe more adventurous among us might enjoy Cafe Escapes Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa. It is so good if you are a fan of dark chocolate. Cafe Escapes Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa K-Cups are so rich and sophisticated with just the right amount of sweetness, and not too bitter. It feels like a boutique treat every time.

Let us know how you feel about these flavors and if there are any other Hot Chocolate K-Cups that you enjoy.

Now in Stock: Enjoy Café Escapes K-Cups at Home

Experience the coffee shop feeling in your own home. Café Escapes can now be enjoyed in the form of a K-Cup. The Café Escapes ground coffee beans are packed into individual K-Cups and sealed tightly. The machine will then puncture through the K-Cup to force hot water pressure through the K-Cup and into your mug for your optimal drinking pleasure.Now in Stock: Enjoy Café Escapes K-Cups at Home by Coffee For Less

Designed for “me time,” Café Escapes K-Cups were developed exclusively as a delicious afternoon companion for your quiet moments. Indulge in a piping cup of hot cocoa mixed with the fragrant taste of coffee. Robust, creamy and with a sweetly sophisticated mouth feel, customers have raved about this deliciously luscious drink. Coffee For Less now carries the Café Escape line, and has many different flavors like Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa, Caramel, Vanilla, Chai Latte, Mocha and Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa for customers to enjoy. The packs for the K-cups vary between 24 count and 96 count for the boxes.

Get Away with a Cup of Café Escapes K-Cups

Let Café Escape K-Cup take you away with its luscious coffee notes and flavorful taste. As Café Escapes K-Cups brew, the aroma is pleasing to the nose and not overwhelming to your palette. The taste of the comforting hot chocolate is married with a subtle caffeine kick. The two main flavors are delicately balanced for an even body of the two distinct essences. The hot chocolate and coffee blend taste results in a robust mixture for a satisfying cup. Try out the Café Escapes flavor for a lavish and creamy café experience, which lingers sweetly on the tongue with its light aftertaste.

Add some extra decadence by personalizing your cup with additional sweeteners and flavorings. Complete your cup with a dollop of frothed milk, or complement with a swirl of whipped cream on top. Some customers like to play with the coffee and chocolate flavors by mixing soy milk into the brewed cup, or adding some warm milk. Tone down the flavors with a little bit of cream to cool it down, or magnify the chocolate and cocoa taste with more cocoa powder and select a more intense ounce size for your brew.

Make this delicious Café Escape K-Cups a part of your afternoon. Now that Coffee For Less offers it in a range of delectable flavors, enjoy some decadence with your K-Cup today.

Now in Stock: Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate 24-ct K-Cups

Other hot cocoa brands may try to imitate the familiar, mouthwatering aroma and creamy texture of a classic cup of Swiss Miss, but none can compare to the real thing. Now packaged in a convenient K-Cup, CoffeeForLess is happy to announce a popular family favorite is in stock: Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate 24-ct K-cups. Using your K-cup machine, you can now brew the irresistible taste of a timeless hot chocolate, with its lush blend of cocoa, fresh milk and rich chocolate taste.

Traditionally, making a cup of hot chocolate typically involves a powder pouch along with hot water or milk. While each cup tasted delicious, the portions sizes made for a uniquely, dissimilar cup. Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate K-cups has a more calculated method with no mess and fuss. The K-cups are already pre-filled with a precise amount of powder, and made to an ounce size that you desire for the perfect brew, each and every time.Now in Stock: Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate 24-ct K-Cups by Coffee For Less

The Perfect Blend of Cocoa and Milk in a Single K-Cup

The process for the Swiss Miss hot chocolate powder is made with extensive care and attention. It all starts at a real dairy, with fresh batches of milk delivered daily for high quality. The milk is then dried and mixed with premium, imported chocolate. As a result, each Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate K-Cup comes infused with cocoa, milk powder and sweetening. When the K-cup is inserted in the Keurig machine, the hot water blasts through the powder to form a consistently, delicious treat for everyone to enjoy.

Savor the sweetly decadent, chocolaty sips and inhale the cocoa notes swirling from the heat of the mug. Famous for its velvety and silky smoothness, the convenience of the K-Cup allows you to easily satisfy your cravings for chocolate whenever you would like.

Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate K-Cups serves as a nostalgic callback for the chilly months and will conjure up wintery images like red noses and gloved hands circling around a steaming cup of cocoa. At CoffeeForLess, hot chocolate has a special place in our heart year-round. This seasonal K-cup is offered throughout all four seasons, in packs varying between 12-count to 96-count. Share a special moment with a favorite treat that everyone will remember, and enjoy.

Cold Days Are Good For Hot Chocolate

Instant Hot Chocolate PowdersWinter may be nearly a month away still, but recent weather has brought cold days and colder nights to much of the county, making now a great time for hot chocolate. The rich, creamy delicious taste of real cocoa and milk has been warming the stomachs and hearts of people the world over for generation and remains a great way to satisfy your chocolate craving and beat the chilly days of Autumn.

While the joy of hot chocolate is somewhat self-evident, you may not have known that hot chocolate is actually quite good for you in its own ways. The instant hot chocolate that many in North America drink is actually lower fat that the hot chocolate drank in many other parts of the world. Beyond that, it is also a natural source of antioxidants that have been link to cancer prevention and cocoa flavonoids associated with improving arterial health. So while moderation is probably the rule for most anything, hot chocolate can be enjoyed both for the joy of it and the potential health benefits.

Instant Hot Chocolate is America’s Preferred Hot Chocolate

Today’s instant hot chocolate powders have really perfected the process of making a cup of hot chocolate as easy as possible.  Instant hot chocolate provides all of the ingredients to make a mug of hot chocolate, including cocoa, milk in the form of milk powder, and a bit of additional sweetening. The hot water that you add rehydrates the milk powder and melts the cocoa, doing instantly what once took minutes on the stovetop.

CoffeeForLess carries many varieties of hot chocolate to ensure that you can buy a brand of instant hot chocolate powder that meets both your needs and your taste preferences.  We sell bulk hot chocolate mix ideal for offices or households that consume a lot of hot chocolate. We also provide no-sugar hot chocolate powder that is ideal for those on calorie restricted or sugar restricted diets. Try dark chocolate hot chocolate if your preference leans more toward intense cocoa flavor, or buy flavored hot chocolate or flavor your own with flavored sweetener syrups for a new hot chocolate experience.

No matter what kind of hot chocolate you prefer or what volume of hot chocolate mix that you need, CoffeeForLess has the hot chocolate options perfect for you.

Hot Cocoa is a Winter Delight


Swiss Miss Instant Hot Cocoa With MarshmallowsLate season snowstorms all around the country are keeping children home from school, making time for snowball fights, snowmen, and sledding. While many of us are much farther along in life than that, many of us still have such memories, and one memory that goes along with them is hot cocoa. The cold days of winter are brightened by a cup of rich, delicious cocoa.

CoffeeForLess carries many hot chocolate options, all of which can hearken to the delicious memories of snow days past. So if you feel the Winter chill and want a treat that will both warm and put a smile on your face, give one of these hot cocoa products a try.


Instant Hot Cocoa at CoffeeForLess

Swiss Miss instant hot cocoa is a classic that defines the hot cocoa of childhood memories. The packets of hot cocoa powder with or without marshmallows make a cup of hot cocoa with just the addition of boiled water. Swiss Miss individual serving hot chocolate packets are conveniently pre-measured, making them perfect for anyone.

A great discount hot cocoa powder that is available in bulk quantities is Chocolate Supreme Gourmet Hot Chocolate. This instant hot cocoa powder is perfect for those who love hot chocolate and just need to have their chocolate fix on hand.

People often say you get what you pay for, and that is quite true with CUPO Café Hot Chocolate Mix. This stuff is delicious and full of cocoa flavor. Every cup tastes fantastic. If you like good hot cocoa, try this brand.

If you’re thinking that you’ll be left out of the hot chocolate fun this winter just because you have a sugar restricted diet, worry no more. CoffeeForLess carries multiple sugar-free hot cocoa mixes.

Hot Chocolate K-Cups in the Summer

Hot chocolate is a delicious winter treat, and thanks to K-Cups, I get to enjoy it all winter with almost no effort.  The problem comes in when this warming that happens every spring and refuses to abate until the nethers of autumn these days starts to get in the way of my chocolate fix.  What I need is a good way to enjoy K-Cup hot chocolate cold.

Hot Chocolate in the Summer

The Internet, as always, offers a number of solutions to this problem, some odd and some
unreasonable but inspiring. It seems there is a trend of making fancy frozen hot chocolate beverages going on, perhaps in part thanks to Oprah. These seem good, and they make mechocolate-shake
try a super simple version of this fancy frozen hot chocolate recipe that everyone’s into. My version: brew K-Cup hot chocolate, pour over ice. To be honest, it was pretty darn good for such a haphazard preparation. The K-Cup hot chocolate flavor comes through strong and creamy and the chill doesn’t seem to take away from anything. Afterall, I brewed first then poured it over ice, so it’s full strength hot cocoa, just iced.

I’ll consider that my plan for days when I’m yearning for hot chocolate but haven’t had the chance to prepare for what, I should say, is a rather predictable occurrence. So, I put my mind to coming up with something even better, something cold and chocolate for a chocolate-hungry summer day, and that was when it came to me: fudgesicles.

Hot Chocolate K-Cup Fudgesicles

Fudgesicles were one of my favorite things as a kid in the summertime, such a cool cocoa treat. I had to try to make K-Cup hot chocolate fudgesicles, and I devised a plan also derived from childhood, a plan so cunning that I could execute it at the office!

All that I needed was K-Cup hot chocolate, an ice cube tray, plastic wrap, and toothpicks. I remembered doing this with fruit juice, but would this work? Were instant summer fudgesicles only as far away as my K-Cup brewer?

They were. Fudgy, icey, cool and creamy, mini-fudgesicles on a stick. Now, I have the perfect use for my K-Cup hot chocolate in the summer!